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About Me


Hello and welcome! 


My name is Jacinda  and I have been practicing mind~body counseling since 2016.  I began my healing arts career back in 1999 when I graduated from massage school.  It was my love for Thai Medicine and Bodywork that brought into focus the interdependent connections of spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical energies.  From there, my desire to help people integrate all of these vital parts blossomed and grew.

When I first heard about Core Energetics Therapy, my body lit up and I knew immediately that I had discovered my true calling.  I enrolled in a 3 year intensive program with Ken Goldberg M.D., and graduated in September 2016.

Creating and maintaining a safe, nurturing, supportive space for my clients is my top priority and I am grateful to be a support, a guide, and a witness to my clients' deep transformation.

Thank you for being you, for showing up, and sharing all you have to offer ~ you are needed, you are lovable, and you are enough.


Jacinda Phillips



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